Cyborgs & Dinosaurs

Clio Ding

Clio is a creature of comfort who loves beer. Commonly spotted indoors near food sources, it ventures out from its burrow occasionally when snack runs low. To satiate its perpetual hunger it also teaches art.

Professional Experiences

Clio started drawing comics for Sunday newspapers Friday Weekly & Lian He Zao bao back in secondary school. It is also one of the founding members of Comix Pandora – an indie comic artist collective with frequent involvement in the Singapore indie comics scene since 2001, having published numerous original comics independently.

After Junior College in 2007, Clio interned in the studio of Singapore’s veteran comic legend Wee Tian Beng and provided digital colouring and English translation to The Celestial Zone series.

Clio is one of the 10 chosen artists who debuted in 2009 with Libera Nos A Malos, a 20 page gothic comic about an exorcism, in Arena Vol.0 – an anthology published under the Inaugural Graphic Novel IniTiative (IGNITE!) supported by Media Development Authority. Soon after, it began serialising Kev!n and Libera Nos A Malo in Pura Comixmag.

After graduating with BFA(Hons) in Digital Animation from Nanyang Technological University, Clio started its teaching career in Art History, Theory of Art and digital art at Secondary and Junior College level.

Clio remains an active agent in the local indie comic scene, it is currently pursuing Masters Degree in Comics and Graphic Novels in University of Dundee.